Best Sports for Developing Your Cardio-Vascular System

What is cardiovascular exercise? It is an exercise where you move large groups of muscles for a certain time. It also involves sustaining a higher heart rate during the exercise. There are a lot of benefits one can gain in doing cardio exercises on a regular basis. Here are some of the best sports for cardio.


For a sport that does not require too much equipment, only needs a ball and some markers for the goal, soccer gives you a really good cardio. In this sport, spanning 90 minutes, you will get a good workout from running across the field alone, but add to that trying to maneuver the ball, moving around your opponents and kicking the ball past the goalkeeper. It’s sure to push your aerobic and anaerobic systems to the maximum capacity. To achieve this effect though, you might want to play as the goalkeeper because as much as the position is important, it does not require as much activity as the other 10 in the pitch.cardio


Apart from being a good survival skill to have, swimming is also a fun sport to compete in. You can choose from a variety strokes and meters to swim, and you don’t even have to do it professionally for it to do your body good. Swimming increases heart rate and improves breathing, making it a good cardio. Apart from that, it also exercises most of the muscles in your body. Albeit, you do have to be careful when you’re starting and allow your heart to adjust to the exercise to avoid injuries, especially if you’re competing.


Any sport that involves a lot of running is a good a cardio. It gets your heart rate up and because the game lasts 4 quarters, you get a good amount of workout too. And Even if your friendly match does not last that long, the amount of running and maneuvering you do is still comparable to the workout you can get on the treadmill. You get to dribble, jump, slide and move around other players. If you’re the type of person who prefers a more competitive way to do your cardio, then having small cash games in basketball is for you.

Cross Country Cycling

Cross country cycling is a little bit more challenging than the ones mentioned prior because not only does this test your cardiovascular ability, it also requires you to push your endurance. If you decide to pursue this competitively, you have to prepare for rigid terrain and high altitude, which will be harder, but later on down the road, it’ll prove to be a better overall workout. It’s an Olympic sport for a reason.

However, if you want to simply enjoy the sport with a few friends, then you will be happy to know that cycling raises your heart rate, improves your breathing, and works on large muscle groups. The beauty of this is in the versatility. You can choose a different terrain to ride on each time you want to get your cardio.


You don’t have to be in college to be a part of a rowing team. In fact, there are competing teams in most cities enough to grow a small rowing community. If you look it up, this is a world-celebrated event that relies heavily not only on teamwork but also on each team member’s upkeep. Not only will this tone your arms and back, it will also give you a really good cardio. If you’re not feeling up to joining a team just yet, then there are gyms which have rowing machine you can practice with before you deciding on whether or not joining a team fits you.